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We are very excited to have

Trew friends on your campus!


This is a wonderful opportunity to be part of the organ donation family and carrying on the mission of helping to save lives through organ donation on your college campus.


We hope that this guide will provide you with the appropriate steps to getting you started on creating a Trew friends Chapter on your campus. No matter what, we are always here to assist in all aspects of making your Trew friends Chapter successful!

Guiding You Through the Process of Starting a Trew friends Chapter

  • Reach Out & Talk

    Touch base with our Trew friends office  and discuss your interest in starting a chapter on your campus and submit an interest application.


    We are here to guide and support you in creating a chapter and making it successful on your campus!


  • Find out your College Criteria

    Each college requires certain criteria to start a college chapter. Here would be a basic set of steps that would be required by the college:

    • Go to" Steps for Registering a NEW organization " on your college website

    • As the future president, talk with your fellow students who may be interested in Leadership roles along with you.  (Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Media Coordinator to name a few)

    • We will guide you on the remaining steps needed to make your Trew friends chapter official.

  • Obtaining new members

    While your Chapter is becoming official, talk talk talk to everyone about becoming a member of Trew friends! 


    A great way to do this would be through the Student Organization Fairs at the start of the semesters, posting flyers around campus, email blasts, social media posts and reaching out to Professors. 

    Reach out to your Trew friends office for additional ideas on how to increase your membership.

  • Set up your first social gathering

    Set up your first "social gathering" to meet and greet the Leadership team and members. Here everyone will learn about The Heather Trew Foundation , Trew friends and organ, eye and tissue donation. Now is the time to discuss and plan the upcoming events on your campus!

Getting Started With Your Events

Before setting a date and hosting an event, there are several details for you to research, consider and make decisions

Reach Out

Reach out to our Trew friends office and share your event ideas. Trew friends is here to assist you in planning a successful event. We will provide ideas and materials to use for your event including the registry page page to track the number of people that register.

Recruit Friends

Recruit friends to help. Connect with people who can spread the word and who love being involved in campus activities. Find people who are great at social media and have connections around campus. The more people you have... the more successful you will be!

Connect with the SGA

Connect with the SGA or the council that oversees student-run campus events. They will have all the details on what is required to organize your event on campus.

Plan ahead. Give yourself time so you are able to secure all necessary permissions. Now is a good time for the treasurer to look into any funding the school may have available for your event.  

Define the Event

Define the event.

• are you looking to educate?

• are you registering new organ donors?

• are you planning a campus challenge?

• is it a greek challenge? 

• are you partnering with another campus organization?

• are you partnering with a blood drive?


If you are clear about your event, and what you want to accomplish you will have more success in enlisting support and reaching your targets.

Event Ideas

•   classroom presentations

•   donuts for donors

•   lattes for life

•   gift for life challenge

•   donate life duel

•   blue and green day

•   donate life month event

•   ice cream social

•   dogs and donors


Come up with new ideas and have fun!  



prior to the event create a “day of” schedule with volunteer report times, goals and responsibilities. Also, confirm with any relevant campus organization that you have all the correct permissions to do your tabling event.


including participants in posts and encouraging check-ins and shares. Report your success on social media and thank everyone who made it possible!


prior to the event do a pre-event “pep rally” to cover last minute details and goals with your team. Also, set up your table so you can see if you have all the materials you need. Remind your team to stand and avoid sitting at the table. Tell them to mingle with passersby and encourage easyto-remember conversation starters.

Do some role-playing with your volunteers to test their donation knowledge and help them

come up with quick and catchy talking points to engage people.


Follow up with all volunteers no later than 2 days prior to the event to confirm their participation and responsibilities.


of the event, arrive at the location 1 hour prior to event start to ensure you have all materials necessary. Set up your event and have fun!

About Us

Trew friends is a division of The Heather Trew Foundation. The foundation was formed in 2008 and became a 501c3 non profit in 2010 and is registered with the State of SC.

The Heather Trew Foundation

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