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about us


Heather Trew had a dream that everyone who needed a transplant would have the opportunity to receive one.  The Heather Trew Foundation was created to carry on her dream.


Trew friends, an extension of the Heather Trew Foundation, is a chapter-based, student run community of young people across the nation.


The Foundation and Trew friends work in unison and follow the same mission to inform, educate and encourage people to register as organ, eye and tissue donors to help save lives and increase the number of people to the organ donor registry.


Through educating, advocating

and informing students

on school campuses

we are increasing the number

of registered organ donors every day.


We envision a world where every person

that needs an organ transplant

will have the opportunity to receive one.

We seek to engage and inspire people

of all ages, especially youth,

to realize the power of their voice.

We will use our minds, voices and resources to increase awareness and decrease the number of individuals waiting for an organ.


We value life.

We value an individual's desire to extend

the lives of people

struggling with medical challenges.

We encourage every individual

to discuss their desires with their family.

Helping to save lives one event at a time

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